100 CLUB ALL-NIGHTER DATES                                                                  The All-nighters are back full-time at the 100 Club and will continue with the new user-friendly hours of 10pm-6am.  2009 Christmas Party - Tues. 22nd December, 9pm-2am, £10 on the door - DJs confirmed Mick Smith, Russ Vickers and Ady Croasdell. 2010 100 Club All-nighter Dates are as follows:

Jan 9th - Feb 13th - March 13th - April 17th - May 22nd - July 3rd - Aug 14th - Sept 18th Anniversary ticket only event - Oct 30th - Dec 11th - 2010 Christmas Party Thurs. 23rd December, 9pm-2am


For further information call Dave Morris on 07840 217772

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